The Secret Of The Nagas (Shiva Trilogy-2)

: Amish Tripathi
: Paperback
: 9789381626344
: 9381626340
: 01 Apr, 2012
: Westland Books Pvt. Ltd.
: Westland Books Pvt. Ltd.
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Book Summary
About The Saga

The Shiva Trilogy, written by Amish Tripathi, has become a nation-wide bestseller in a short time. This is due to the refreshing new plot that it explores and the unique writing style of the author. The Secret of The Nagas is the second novel in the saga. Amish has penned down the contents of this book in such a way that it manages to shine as a stand-alone book in itself.

The Plot and The Characterisations

In this book, Amish describes how Shiva sets forth on a quest to destroy the Naga clan in order to avenge the death of his brother; since the common belief he has been presented with is that the Nagas are the root of all evil. The author takes us through a virtual tour of India as Shiva travels different lands and gathers a vast number of generic and non-generic experiences, all in the quest of saving a plagued kingdom. As he travels, he garners more friends and family and leaves a mark. Slowly, events start unfolding in such a manner that whatever beliefs the readers and Shiva too held in the previous book are tarnished. Revelations occur as the evil-doers have been showcased in a new light and the grey shades of the positive protagonists in the earlier book are exposed. The book is filled with nuanced wisdom and Shiva leaves the readers with the message that good and evil are two sides of the same coin; which is why we shouldn't judge people. As suspense builds, the climax ends with Shiva finally entering the Naga territory making for a nail-biting finish.

About The Author

Amish Tripathi, born on 18th November, 1974, is an Indian author known for writing the Shiva trilogy - The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of The Nagas and The Oath of The Vayuputras. The Shiva trilogy has become the national best selling saga ever since it came out years ago. Amish Tripathi grew up in Orissa and worked for 14 years in the financial services industry, before he became a full time author. The fantasy novels which re-imagine the mythological deity Shiva as a human, has been touted as refreshing and grappling. Tripathi launched his latest book on 22 January, 2015 - The Scion of Ikshvaku, which is the first book of the Ramchandra series based on the epic story of Ramayana.

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