New Great Themes of Scripture

: Richard Rohr
: Audio CD
: 9781616361105
: 1616361107
: 01 Oct, 2003
: Franciscan Media
: Franciscan Media
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Book Summary
Rohr reprises his best-selling talks on scripture in this powerful new series. Rohr describes the Bible as a text in travail, containing not just conclusions, but a process which mirrors our own journey (three steps forward, two steps backward). In the three steps forward, Scripture always reveals that we are related to something infinite and that ours is an enchanted and trustworthy universe.

Rohr suggests that God is different from what we thought and much better than we feared. In fact God cannot be fully grasped by thought and must not be approached in servile fear. God is present in our midst and is calling forth a people and a consciousness that is capable of divine union. This invitation is revealed in a developmental way in both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. The resurrected Jesus finally reveals the full and wonder-filled nature of the heart of God. As a result, Rohr says, “We have nothing to be afraid of and much to be excited about!”
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