Duniya Se Nirala Houn, Jaadugar Matwaala Houn!

: Parag Dimri
: Paperback
: 9781644292242
: 1644292246
: 28 Aug, 2018
: Notion Press, Inc.
: Notion Press, Inc.
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Book Summary
Onkar Prasad Nayyar was the First Rock Star of Hindi Film music.

His peppy, melodious compositions made sure that films could enjoy great box office success, irrespective of star cast/ story/ direction. This led to the speculation that there are many cine goers, who are entering cinema hall only listening to the songs (either are blind or voluntarily close their eyes). "Deewana Hua Badal," "Pukarta Chala Houn main," many such are still rage among music lovers. His speciality was Tanga beat songs also, & impact of those is immortal. Apart from creating soul touching tunes, is also known for his passion for fedora hat, white clothes and living life on his own terms. He was really "Duniya Se Nirala, Jaadugar Matwaala Fankaar tha."

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